Thursday, October 25, 2018

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Balenciaga Triple S Grey Red Blue From the centuries-old pilgrimage to Japan and to Europe in Europe, it took only a hundred years. Regardless of national sentiments, Japan talk about their responsibilities and humiliation is really worth pondering. The word responsibility in Japanese is written as shame. I remember that in the past few years when bird flu was hit, a few small chickens were found in a small restaurant in Hokkaido, Japan. After being shaken by the local media, the restaurant owner left a note on the table. Yeah, everyone! apologize. The news was shocking at the time. From melamine to Sudan, to lean meat and waste oil, I didn’t know how many people killed my life. I haven’t heard of anyone who has been ashamed to let it go, let alone say What caused suicide because of shame.

Balenciaga Triple S Let's talk about Japanese characteristics. The biggest Japanese feature is the frequent replacement of Japanese prime ministers. Although the prime minister is the chief executive of Japan, it is also the most vulnerable fragile product. The highest rank of the official rank is the shortest and the most power is the most. In addition, the decision of the Japanese prime minister to stay is entirely in the hands of the common people. If the people satisfaction is high, you want to pull the board, the people are unhappy and the prime minister wants to stay.

Balenciaga Triple S Trainers Can not stay. When the Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan was in office a few years ago, although there were no bright spots, there was no trace of misdeeds. The 400-odd-year ruling party was bumping along the way. Almost everybody would apologize for apologizing to the people. Until a recent poll showed that the support rate of Naoto Kan cabinet has reached a record low since he took power, more than 70% of Japanese shouted send off in unison. The straight man had to roll away.

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