Saturday, June 30, 2018

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Outside the window, the sky faded, and the sunset was the time for the bird to return home. I want to enjoy the feeling of camping quietly, even with songs like Target Return. However, the young boy whose attention was all on me, made me uneasy, and in the struggle and pushing, I discovered that my necklace was broken, my dear pearl shell sinker, was lost by the water dispenser, and the movement outside the door gave way. I am alert to you: Is someone going to open the door? He said: Don't worry, the door is locked. Then she called me a horrible wife. I'm anxious, I'm quickly dressed, I want to go. He asked again and again and again, and I had a perverted mad figure in my head and a cold war. Fortunately, he resumed courtesy and said: Let's have dinner together. I'll send you home.

On the road, he was talking about a daydream: He started playing games from the age of 18. He played for six years and laid most of the equipment. Now, he doesn't want to play games. He wants to seriously talk about love and sell equipment. , Buy jewelry for girlfriend. Listening really touching. Unfortunately, I cannot travel with you. I must go home alone. Replica Louis Vuitton X Supreme Initiales Belt stumbled to buy fruit and let me take it away, saying that you will remember me later when you eat fruit. I apologetically pulled my hand back and patted him on the shoulder: I don't eat fruit. I really have to go. Jump into a taxi and feel relieved.
The she we talked about was a woman who had been sexually intercourse before last coming to Shanghai. He used fishing to express no retribution and no sin. So calm. Terrible salad.

A layer of mist covered my eyes.

At least I did not lie to you. Do you think wronged? Salad nothing to do. He said that he and I are born with no sense of morality. But he is more thorough than me.

Before I came to Shanghai, I decided to give up on two occasions. I went to meet the man I loved five years ago. Then I wandered to exhaustion. Once I deleted all your numbers, Valentine's Day did not answer your call, but Two times you have been picked up. Are you kidding me to play? I confided, he was silent.