Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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Article 37 of the Practicing Doctors' Law stipulates that doctors are not allowed to acquire or illegally receive patient's property or obtain other improper benefits by using their position, and the National Medical Services Price Item Regulations also stipulates that The “medical service price publicity” system implements the accountability system for those departments and persons responsible for such acts as “increasing the standard fees without authorization”. I would like to ask: If such a behavior of operational table fare increase is of such a bad nature, the withdrawal of money will be completed, and only part or all of the money will be refunded. Some hospitals use the phrase interrupted inspections to reduce major incidents?

Some people have commented that this kind of “price increase with knife” can have a fight with “pay for corpse”. In the final analysis, when a hospital and a doctor slashed their responsibility to save their lives to be “rich without money”, it was not only the patient’s health, doctor’s image, doctor-patient relationship, but also the credibility of the regulatory authorities. After all, the patient is lying on the operating table, tolerating fear and anger, and bargaining with the “white angel” holding a scalpel. What kind of physical and psychological experience is this? How many people will not be angry after the incident? This undoubtedly worsens the doctor-patient relationship that has become vulnerable.

The reason why some unscrupulous doctors have nothing to fear is because it is easy for the unscrupulous doctors to evade punishments from the regulators for the fare increase, which is less risky. In the comparison between doctors and patients, the medical side is in a strong position because of monopoly information, and patients are in a weak position when defending their rights. Coupled with the ambiguity of reasonable and unreasonable increases on the operating table, it is difficult for regulators to judge. Departmental hospitals are also in the blind spot where the supervision department “turns a blind eye on one eye.” Perhaps as long as patients or their families can be emotionally stable, everything will be fine. Therefore, on the one hand, fake louis vuitton belt it is necessary to increase the exposure of such news. On the other hand, some supervisory departments must also take responsibility. With regard to such incidents in the jurisdiction, take a serious approach together and we must not tolerate the rape!