Saturday, December 9, 2017

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specification and basic prevention is the most basic common sense, is also the most basic requirement to the doctor, as a doctor you can put the hippocratic oath as your textbooks together in medical school and memories, but the practice is that you used to protect themselves, you should not be forgotten. What's more, you shouldn't blame the patient for your lack of protection. Doctor itself is risk occupations, like flight attendants, your income, position and your responsibilities and obligations are equivalent, but in the case of according to the standard operation doctor is safe, although there is a risk, what's more, such as MCM Belt infection, the doctor's occupational exposure can also apply for drugs to block, the rescue measures. So don't tell me that the doctor has the right to choose the patient, you have the right to choose not to be a doctor, but choosing to be a doctor is your responsibility and obligation.

Li hu and I are familiar with unfamiliar, strange and strange relations -- there is interaction on weibo, but in real life we only see one side. On July 5, zhu yu and I went to the hospital to see li hu, who was fighting the disease. We went to the white cloud to pray before we went. At that time, li hu was still recovering and was in good spirits, so I always thought it was the last one. It didn't occur to me. Then I heard about li hu's kidney failure from him, and I knew it was over. For a hospital treatment of infected people a year, has experienced so many diseases, Li Hu already very much, and renal failure in a hospital for patients with low immunity of the year is how also can't face. So I have been very ambivalent in the last few days, on the one hand, I hope that li hu will be less affected by some of the illness and early promotion, on the one hand, I hope that the illness can be changed at a critical time. Many people don't understand my worries. Li hu is a good man, the good man should have good news, but this year he suffered too much. Li hu is a good man, whether in the circle of the gay movement, or in the circle of infected people, such good people are few, the good people less one, the hope is less one.

I didn't go to the ceremony on August 8. Friday's work was the most, and the reason for not driving. I'm more afraid that if I were there, I wouldn't be able to control my emotions. On the same day, two people, jiang hua and lei gang, reported on weibo that accused li hu of tampering with cases and inciting medical disputes. A stone stirs a thousand waves. Afterwards I talked to zhu yu about this matter, we all know this is a kind of speculation behavior, or is the unconscious jealousy, in the mood of the people chasing li hu's atmosphere to cause a chain reaction. But in any case, you can't say anything on fire day. The thief always pays attention to the morality of the river. The quality of this is not, really is the pig dog is inferior, do not know the parents how to discipline, the parents are not responsible, the upward scold three generations cannot be overdone. But is it useful to scold them?

The public welfare circle is very messy,and the generation of the river is just the tip of the iceberg. I don't deny that everyone is doing things, even if they are pretending to be sponsors. But it's always measurable when you're not careful. 07, for example, is can't remember the aizhixing or peer at the time of condoms, 100 condoms a pack, there is a lubricant and condoms, people go out to send condoms, some hair to be put in the bag out the second time I go to hair, then some people take to send the rest of the home with yourself - I think this is understandable, of course, have a few left it doesn't matter -- the key lies in how many problems left, moreover containing 100 condom turn out a circle, to take home. I don't know if anyone would drop a shot. But in comparison, you know that people are different. At that time this thing is a condom, if this thing is money? The problem is serious. What if the other end of the money is something else?

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