Thursday, November 30, 2017

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If, as Armstrong's mother said at the time, you are a toad craving swan meat? Or are you in the middle of it? Don't go back to the room and write your homework! I think a few years later, maybe someone will be the first person to leave a footprint on a space star, but to be sure, this man will never be Armstrong.

Therefore, parents are the most important guardians and facilitator of children's scientific literacy. I consciously removed the cultivator. In essence, the child's curiosity about the outside world is a gift given by god, without the need to cultivate it, and in fact, it can't be cultivated. Parents have to do, is nothing more than to protect children's curiosity, not douse the fire of his (her) heart, encourage his (her) to the exploration of the unknown world, if you have any condition to have the ability to consciously guide. I am particularly opposed to parents who consciously cultivate children according to the success of the adult world. While you are trying to cast a glorious future for him or her, you may be destroying his or her own happiness.

In 2015, American neuroscientist frances.jensen published The Teenage Brain, which explained in detail The differences between The brains and behaviors of adolescents and infants and adults. He has proved through a large number of empirical studies that teenagers' learning ability is higher than that of adults, and their learning ability decreases with age. Learning can happen naturally. A diversified learning environment can help the development of the brain and the formation of learning ability. But because the teenage brain's control unit lags behind the development of the learning unit, he or she has less self-control and moral analysis than adults.

Therefore, in terms of learning ability, children are much better than parents. Everyone comes into the world with a special mission. The difference is that some people can discover and realize their mission. Some people are so unexamined that they can't find their own mission in life. Compared with children, parents just have more knowledge and experience, what qualifications and abilities to influence and even hinder the child to realize his mission? Your child's potential and future development space may be much bigger and bigger than you think.

Another important factor influencing children's scientific literacy is teachers. How many children is because of the teacher's words inspired his interest in a subject and made remarkable achievements, and how many children because of a word from the teacher to lose interest in a subject? I am a typical example. I was supposed to be a great mathematician, but unfortunately I was a mediocre dean.

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It says the government can't provide a education that everyone is happy with. On the other hand, private education does not necessarily ruin the country's flowers. Apart from the successful private schools of Louis Vuitton Belt, education, even the private education institutions in the west, many are run by the foundations set up by wealthy individuals. They are not dependent on tuition fees to keep running, and they have high quality training, replica hermes belt even more than most public education institutions. Therefore, education does not necessarily have to be provided by the government.

Why hasn't Hermes Belt private education developed? I think there are at least two possible reasons:

For one thing, has so far lacked a number of rich people with the same feelings about education. The rich generation, who grew up after the reform and opening up, are not yet in the process of thinking about the future of their property. What he or she CARES about now is how to further develop their own business and the inheritance of wealth. It is ok to make small donations to education, but it is not yet available to donate all of your property to set up a foundation to start a school or university. However, if there is no one batch have fully realized the financial freedom to initiate education, then, all the establishment of private education institutions is impossible not to make money for the purpose, so it can't be real education institutions.

Second, the government has not yet issued encouraging policy support. An important factor in the development of western private education is the inheritance tax. If a rich man is to pass on his property to the next generation, he usually pays a high inheritance tax, usually 50 percent, and in some countries up to 70 percent. However, if education is made in the form of a charitable donation, it can be tax-free. For millionaires, rather than the property to he (she) may not trust the government, also is to donate the establishment of education, both contributing to the society, but also make them a fair death honors the whole life. If the government can adjust its policies in time to encourage more private capital not to enter the education sector for profit, it may be able to improve the ecology of education in Louis Vuitton Belt to a considerable extent. As Hermes Belt economy continues to grow and its first generation of millionaires are about to enter the twilight years of their lives, that may not be hard to come by. Education should meet the needs of all groups in society. If people don't meet their needs, there will be new breakthroughs in technology, or new breakthroughs in the system. With the rapid development of Internet technology, education technology is on the eve of a new major breakthrough. What is needed now may be a breakthrough in the education management system.
I thought of another story. A mother was washing the dishes in the kitchen, and when she heard her little son bouncing up and down in the backyard, she shouted to him, what are you doing? The little boy replies proudly, I'm going to the moon. You know what mom said? She said, ok, but don't forget to go home. After the little boy grew up and became the first person to set foot on the moon, and left the other ring space classic sayings: this is a small step, a giant leap for mankind. His name was Neil Alden Armstrong.